Looking for a scripters [Streamer Project]

Hi Guys

I’m an italian streamer and I play a lot of GTA RP.

I’ve a great community and a lot of my subscribers wanna play with me. So, I decided to open my own server!
But, unfortunately, idk lua scripting :frowning:

Can someone help me?

Link to twitch?

Can I post here?

or I’ll send via pm!


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So, basically you want someone to make a server from A to Z for you?

Exactly :smiley:

It’s literally pointless to run a server if you have no idea about how to run it. I suggest giving a go at installing a server locally and a common framework like ESX. This will at least give you a base you can work with. It’s very difficult to find competent developers

You could just join an existing community instead and play with your community there, that’s way easier. After all, why should a developer do everything for you? What’s in it for them? Some “fame” on your Twitch channel?

Not everyone and their mom have to create a server. Use one of the 4000 available servers to your advantage :wink:

I understand what you mean, but I didn’t say “free”

I’m looking for developers to create my personal server, I have a community of 16k + users and I don’t think “joining a server” is the same thing as managing my own.

I still have the programming bases, but I’m interested only in managing the server from the administrative side

So what, you’re offering money to developers to do this for you or what do I have to understand with not “free”?

Because if it’s that then that would be in violation of FiveM ToS and you cannot do that. Hence why I am recommending you to just join an existing server instead of trying to create your own if you have no idea about it.

I get it, you’re a Twitch streamer and saw other Twitch streamers have so much success playing FiveM on NoPixel so you want your share of the pie too. But this can only be done by abiding by the FiveM ToS that you agreed to when downloading the client.

Either way, I wish you good luck.

Here’s a link to the ToS to remind you: https://fivem.net/terms

Sorry I find the FiveM TOS bullshit as FiveM contradicts themselves against Rockstars TOS constantly! But hey FiveM is a great edition to gta I just think they need to change their TOS cause there are so so many communities ignoring the FiveM TOS in the first place because it’s truly stupid in my opinion!

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