Looking for a lead developer for a new project - Please read!

Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my post.

I am looking for a lead developer who is looking to get into something from the ground up. Yes I know this is not an established community but we can and will get it there.

A little bit about me: Prior to life (Marriage and child) which is not a bad thing I ran 2 successful servers and that was just word of mouth and promoting. I am looking to get back into the RP world by starting a new server. I will be the first to say, I know ZERO about the back end but I can promote and sell the crap out of it. I will be the only financing everything and I currently have a VPS, Discord, TeamSpeak, Vehicle Packs and EUP packs purchased. I am just in the need of a developer who is not about skipping ship and looking to find a new place to call home.

A little bit about the server: I want this to be a streamer friendly server. We will have multiple streamers who range from a 4 average viewership to a 40+ average viewership. I personally did a test run of some GTA RP videos on my tiktok and was ranging 250 to 350 views per video out of 5 vids. There was a decent amount of interaction with the videos and questions coming from the videos. So again I am looking for a dev who wants to take this project on with me and be there from the start and watch this community grow.

So who is ready to join me and the 10 others who are waiting to get into some RP?

Thank you,

Hey My Discord Is James210#6575 im Looking Forward to HopeFully Working With You

Hey u Still Need a Dev


https://discord.gg/DrS6DqERwA use this to get in contact for me

Are still looking for a dev Contact Jack P.#7550

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