Looking for a FiveM Server with a serious Fire department. Or one looking to take theirs to the next level

Hello reader.
I’m C. Williams

I’d like to start with briefly explaining who I am and what I can offer your server.
I am a Certified Firefighter with specialties in the following:

  • Urban Search & Rescue
  • Water Rescue/Recovery
  • High-rise Rope Rescue
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Technical Rescue
  • I’ve done everything from Incident Command assistant managing week long Fireground Operations & even a terrorist attack.

I’m 21, and currently on medical leave. So I am looking for a place to invest my time in.
I have spent thousands of hours studying my profession, and have kept all of the material I studied to earn my certifications. So I would love to teach others what it means to be a Firefighter.

Here is a rundown of the documents I will be able to bring to the table:

  • 48 page Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Department Application (14 Basic questions).
  • Department Roster, has a version exclusively for Fire Rescue personnel & a version exclusively for
    EMS personnel.
  • Another Standard Operating Procedure tailored towards a prestigious Rescue Squad.
  • An application for said Rescue Squad.
  • A google slides presentation for a 2-3 hour training covering, EVOC, RTO Guidelines, Motor Vehicle
    Accidents, Vehicle Fires, Fireground Operations, a slide just revolving around how to perform
    extrications with action cards, lastly Water Rescue/Recovery Operations.
  • A extensive 53 question Lieutenants Exam, with both blank answer questions and multiple choice
  • An FTO training guide, a google word document explaining all the elements within the google slide
    presentation. For FTO’s to lean on when conducting their training.

All of these document are written by me, with inspiration from government regulated training documents that I have kept from my time studying to take my certifications.

Rundown of assets I will be providing:

  • Custom EUP pack. Created by me, with everything you could ever want.
  • Vehicle Fleet, consisting of 12 Fire Trucks from multiple different developers, Fly cars, an ambulance
    & an Helicopter. All liveries Custom made by me.
  • A discord server built by me, to be used by Fire Dept.

I have 1150+ hours on FiveM, I have built vMenu servers for 6 years, I made all the EUP & vehicle liveries for the previous server I was apart of, as well as been responsible for all the dev work related to the fire resources we had in that server.

Reach out to me on here or discord if you think I am a great fit for your server or think you need someone like me in your department.
Discord: “majorite”

Here is some of the things I’ve made for previous projects.

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Hey are you still looking?



I am actively looking for a new community to invest my time and knowledge in.

Hey man! Wed love that! We need a fire department and Medical department head so if you are interested let me know. @ Lincf061 on discord! Love to see you there at Streets of Vice RP!

I am looking for a Fire Chief and I want serious roleplay to the next level! Add me on DC @auditz

Come check out District 12 Roleplay! We are an economy based server with 280+ custom scripts including a ton of realistic jobs. The server owner and all admins all have a background irl of PD and fire. Love to talk to you about possibly heading up our FD side!
Discord- District 12 Roleplay

We are looking to expand our fire department! Come check out Auspire Roleplay! We are vMenu, with a lot of custom features!

Public Discord


I know we have reached out before.