LOOKING FOR A FIVEM Developer and head development team

Hello my name is raptor and I am looking for a developer for my new and up coming server for fiveM i and head to offer you a head development spot on a team that will grow one of the biggest community’s You will be able to do anything you want since you are head development you will have your own roles and have control over other developers now you can say no and miss out on an opportunity or you can say yes and hop on the train to help make paradise city role play one of the biggest servers ever

Hey add me on discord : LCBeatzUk#2149

I’d like to be a side dev to learn from the head dev.


Add me on Discord: Kayne#6969

Hi’ I’m willing to interview, DM me on Discord at Sir#4781!

I have made now 3 servers fully by myself. I am basically self taught so i don’t know a ton of the terms but i know how to do it and i have very open hours as well as in my free time i can join and actually talk with you and the other devs on what needs to be done. Deadline#4486

Hey man, if you’re still looking message me on discord, notelo
I have a lot of experience in livery, eup, and just in general server debugging and error fixing

drop me a dm - Provokke - discord username.

Only doing paid work but

Hello I need fivem developer

dm me @ discord, #dolbajobaxd