Looking for a Developer to help build our city

Looking for a developer to help build our city. Must have the following experience -

  • Demonstrated experience as a FiveM/ESX Developer
  • Custom Scripts
  • Have a can do attitude
  • Able to work within a Team and listen to directions
  • A motivated & driven ‘Make it Happen’ attitude
  • Custom detailed EUP
  • Custom detailed vehicle liveries
  • Custom detailed logo’s and Backgrounds
  • Troubleshooting and support experience for FiveM\

Please email me at sandz2022@hotmail.com

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Just for your information, you’re asking for a lot, without giving much details. How much will you pay the dev, is he only a dev or a project manager (considering your list…) etc.

Thats something that would be negotiated between the two dont you think ? Youre literally inviting scammers in

You do you, but seen from a developer POV I would spend less time arguing about it and more doing the actual job

If you still need a developer, mkhideout on discord

But obviously youre not doin it sooooo…here you are