Looking for a custom ped designer fivem


I am currently building a server and looking for developers.
I am building a RP server using esx framework. We are looking for developers who can help us to build this server i setup alot of the ground work already. looking for some assistance on some custom scripts and some changes to excisting script.

If you are interested and want more information please contact me via discord or under this thread, we are looking for both short or long term developers.
Please let me know if you’re looking to be compensated and how much you’re looking to get back for your work.

EDIT: i found a developer thanks for all the responses, i was hoping to still find someone who can design custom peds! pls pm or add on discord below.

Discord: " YunoG#4269 "

Looking forward to meet you!

Hi i addid you on discord waiting for you to accept


Hi there have message you on discord