Looking for a community to dispatch for

I’ve been looking for a good server to dispatch for, so if any of you have suggestions let me know

Thanks ^^

Nexus Network, its my server pretty awesome I’d check it out. Discord

If you’re interested in a Canadian-based server, we are beginning to set up our new radio system which allows dispatching to be completely web based.

We’d love to have somebody run our comms department, dispatchers are hard to come by.

If you’re interested, let me know.
A. Burnswood#5433

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Hello Confusyn!

I have the opportunity to be at the forefront of emergency communications within the Department of Public Justice Roleplay Community!

We’re a community that centres ourselves around realism and incorporates our members into every scenario possible! Join our discord and learn more today!

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Thank you,
Department of Public Justice

Hello everyone! I am currently looking for a server to potentially dispatch on. If you need anyone for your communications department please let me know. I have about 2 years experience and I am quite active. Please drop your links or Discords below. Thank you

We have one part-time dispatcher and would love to have one more! We just re-opened so things are a bit slow, but as you know a city is built brick by brick. Check out our Discord to get a feel for our community if you’d like! Geo City RP

Your server link expired.

i sent a new link but my post need to be approved, i did update the link on my posting

Apologies i had posted one thats doesnt expire, but i guess it did