Looking for a active ESX Dev

Look for a dev that can develop a ESX frame work and also be able to help our current devs.

if you are interested then feel free to message me and we can chat



30 players on right now! Fun things happening

Gaining more members every day! Interested in being apart of the community? Click the link above!

++ most fun i’ve had in forever

This Server IS Awesome if you Love to Roleplay this is the Place to Be Its so fun and you will love it here come try it out the owners are so kind and they listen the the members

++ Server. First server I’ve been on and loving it. Great community and staff. EMS and PD departments are always hiring.

++ It’s a great city and i love being in there as a LEO and a civilian. Come join a great city.Also Join the LEO we could use you.

                              Your Friendly LEO Frank Johnson

Ive been part of this community for awhile this is one of the best communities i’ve been apart of so if your looking to join a real life rp this is the one A+++

Come Join Us One The Server. The Server Is Awesome is Beasty The Owners Are Kind and they listen to what the Members Want so if you join you will like the server Come Try us out…

Great server with constant ongoing development from a committed development team, The small community provide amazing dynamic for RP scenarios and law enforcement provide a fun and fair experience for a criminals

Still looking for more members to join, come be part of a amazing community

we are roleplaying right now, hop on the server and give us a try

still looking for a community message me if your community fits all the bullets listed

Still looking for a dev for the new community coming along