💂London Kings Roleplay💂

We are a newly built vMenu FiveM server which is based from professional and realistic roleplay. We are British based and we have amazing features.

:desktop: Working CAD/MDT system that is in-game integrated

:police_officer: Amazing Metropolitan Police uniforms for both Male and Female

:police_car: Custom Police Vehicles with a wide range of vehicles to choose from

:hospital: NHS Uniforms with NHS buildings alongside with NHS vehicle’s

:man_firefighter: British Fire Uniforms alongside with vehicle’s

:red_car: Custom Civilian Addon Vehicles with Custom Civilian clothing (Supreme, Gucci etc)

:gun: Custom weapon skins

:movie_camera: Cinema Script for movie nights!

:scroll: Custom Scripts to help benefit your roleplay

We are hiring for both Metropolitan Police and NHS

Join Today and become part of our journey!!