Login Script

Does anyone have a simple working login script? I need it for my server.

Take a look at kanersps’s Freeroam Gamemode. Click here

I tried it but i always get error, “Can not call nill value”

I was hoping if someone has got only login script. I’m not that much in coding. Any other help???

You have connected to your Mysql Database ?

No, how I am supposed to do that???

Do you know how to connect to that “MYSQL Database”

Do you now how to install and setup Xampp ?
i will skip it …

If Xampp ist started and Apache and Mysql is on then go to localhost/phpmyadmin -> login and create a Database then import the “db.sql” file.

Then go into “\freeroam\freeroam\server\player” and open the register.lua

Take a look on Line 5 that calls

MySQL:open(“”, “gta5_gamemode_freeroam”, “root”, “1202”)

replace it with


i googled xampp now im downloading it but there is only 32 bit version for windows will that matter?

No Problem