Login, Password from SocialClub (Game not Launching)

Hello everyone, can someone help me please? I think i got an problem, I did install all the files of FiveM and when I launch de “FiveM.exe” or the “CitizenFX.exe” a text box appears to put the email and password from my RockstarGames Social Club, then I put my data, I press the “Login” Button and nothing happens… I try to luch again and I need tu put my data again but my game never lauch.

Thank you so much for reading in advance.

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please use the right format: Technical Support template

Make sure you read the FAQ first though:

Mine doesnt log in either.

Well, the important bit comes first. Did either of you buy the game?

Yes… I did, I’m using FiveM just fine on my laptop… desktop cannot sign in.


I have the same problem, how to do? I really want to play at FiveM.

Did you buy the game?

Yes, i have bought the game on Steam.

Try restarting Steam, then run FiveM again.

Nothing, FiveM won’t open :frowning:

disable firewall and uninstall antivirus, bassicly anything that could block the connection between fivem and RSC

Uninstall antivirus? No.
At most I disabled it together with the firewall.
But the game still not start anyway.

Sry for my bad english…

on most antivirus you can’t disable the software shield, thats why we ask to uninstall it.

I have Norton, i can disable the software shield?

uninstall it and run fivem to be sure, the antivirus is the cause 8/10 times.

More later I’ll try…

did you run the .exe in the GTA V directory or did you make its own folder to run in on your desktop?

Sorry for the delay but i have bought a new pc, however i didn’t have any antivirus (except for Windows Defender), but the game won’t run anyway.

I tried but nothing :frowning: