Loadouts & Essential Mode - WEAPON_FIREEXTINGUISHER not working

I am having an issue with giving the “firefighter” a fire extinguisher. Every other weapon listed works, but it does not give out the WEAPON_FIREEXTINGUISHER. I have Google’d around and some sources say that the extinguisher was included in a DLC and not in the original game… Could that have something to do with it? Sauce below:

	["firefighter"] = {
		name = "Firefighter",
		command = "firefighter",
		skins = { "s_m_y_fireman_01" }
	["civilian"] = {
		name = "Civilian",
		weapons = { "WEAPON_PETROLCAN",
		skins = {"a_m_y_skater_01",

On your weapons fly wheel, it won’t actually show up - Try checking to the left of your secondary firearm( pistol ) - I add fire extinguisher to cops for roleplay and it works fine for me and the people that use it

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Oh damn, you’re right! With Enhanced Reborn I suppose they added their own image for it.

Thank you for the fast reply.