Loading screen problems

Ok, So I have updated my server and the old loading screen stopped working… Downloaded the most recent loading screen and added that to the server. changed things back to the way I had them ie…“Picture, Loading screen text” But when I go to enter the server the image only shows up for a second (Edited with my text" and then goes away and it goes to the normal colored background loading screen with the bars at the top… The server is open and if you would like to see what I am talking about feel free. (Outcast State Troopers- Is there something that I did wrong or is this an issue server side from the update?

i think its the update, our server is doing the same thing so gonna have to give it time.

That’s what I was thinking… Paid server so Im thinking I will just have to wait for the server host to update. Thanks

Read the announcement topic, it shows that the loading screen support has changed.

so how do i fix the loading screen? do i add i a line to the code or what do i have to edit

@cobalt I did… But… I have a rented server… Nothing much I can do until the server host updates… Which is going to take them another week…

new loading screen files come with the latest server

resources/test/keks a lot is different in there tho i can’t seem to get the loading music working again

Yeah, Just did latest server update, My music is fine, just my image now pops up for a split second and then goes away… Thats my only issue I cant figure out… Do I need to take out my Loadingscreen resource? Do I need a different one then the one that the server gives me? Do I add keks to the citmp? < Things im kind of unsure about at this point… Maybe its too easy and im having a brain disaster tonight… lol

well what i did was import the image etc to the keks folder and edited some of the index and added keks into the auto start

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Yeah, then Im getting the same, no music… the script for that isnt in the index. Picture or music? looks like lesser of two evils right now… Im sure it will get settled and figured out eventually

i tried adding the music code but i coulda missed something i will get back to u on that if i get it working

, on the other hand i did get it working

gotta add the music folder the loading.ogg u want to stream and add this to the index so it looks like this


<audio autoplay="" id="Loading" loop=""><source src="music/Loading.ogg" type="audio/ogg" /></audio>
	var vid = document.getElementById("Loading");
	vid.volume = 0.2

    <div class="backdrop">

I tried the same thing to no avail

i got it to work :wink: just gotta edit it to look a bit better

it does work well :slight_smile: thank you

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@Boss solved please close this

@GanjaMonster Worked great! Got music and image. Thanks a lot for your help, had to re-watch parts of your stream but got it… Thank you Thank you.
PS. Had to add ‘music/Loading.ogg’ in the _resource.lua

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDe6G_id-Qw&feature=youtu.be <short tut