Loading screen doubles during reconnect

Environment questions

GTA V version: Latest over Steam
Up to date: Yes
Legit or Pirate copy: Legit
Purchased where - Steam/Rockstar Launcher/Epic: Steam
Windows version: Windows 10 → 19044.2006
Did you try to delete content_index.xml and try again? No
System specifications: i9 9900k, rtx 2060 dual by asus.
CitizenFX crash zip file (‘Save information’ on a crash): -
logs/CitizenFX_log files: Doesn’t do anything as far as I know because I don’t think there is anything in the log from the loading screen, if I’m wrong I’ll add it as soon as it happens next time.

Important parts

What is the issue you’re having?
I develop on the computer, use Fivem in full screen (exclusive). I get kicked out of the server by a restart during development, then start the connection to the server. I then go back out of FiveM while FiveM starts the connection, when I come back into the application, it unfortunately happens from time to time that the loading screen is duplicated, I can see this in the case of music that runs almost synchronously. But now the thing is, the server has only one loading screen which should be deactivated automatically, fx for this is: loadscreen ‘ui/loadingscreen.html’.

What have you tried already to fix the issue?
It has happened before when the manual disabling of the loading screen was enabled, also there it happened that the loading screen just remained active.

What server did you get this issue on? Be specific and name some, ‘all of them’ by itself isn’t useful! My Server q55abv

Additional comments

I can’t find a fix for this problem, it never happens at first startup and connect to the server, always only relatively randomly at reconnect when fivem was already connected once, at least so far.

Yes, exactly. But also for a long time so certainly already had the problem a month ago.

Log files could still be helpful, though I’d also attach the cef_console.txt after this happened.

Just happened again as mentioned the cef_console.txt
cef_console.txt (139.4 KB)

[0922/222050.051:INFO:render_frame_host_impl.cc(11505)] RenderFrameHostImpl::MaybeGenerateCrashReport url = nui://game/ui/root.html, status = 4, exit_code = 258
[0922/222050.066:INFO:render_frame_host_impl.cc(11505)] RenderFrameHostImpl::MaybeGenerateCrashReport url = https://nui-game-internal/ui/app/index.html, status = 4, exit_code = 258

Aha, some part of Chromium is crashing and restarting that I guess somehow loads the pages twice on recovery.

Do you have any .dmp files in crashes/ that match the time it crashed on, and could you upload those?

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I can possibly say one more thing though, I like to use Mozilla Firefox and or Google Chrome while I develop. Chrome mainly. Since a few patches FiveM in fullscreen (exclusive) seems to break something, so recently I had a Prime Video tab open which was playing something (sound audible, video no longer there, I was visually on the home page but something was still playing). With every in and out tabbing out or in FiveM, the playback in the browser stops briefly, with Prime even so far that the buffering is gone, the video pauses briefly and preloads before the playback continues.

I’m not sure if it was Chrome or Firefox that hung up, but I’ll keep an eye out for that too, but mostly I use Firefox for movie streaming.

Because I’m not sure if this happened at night and I only uploaded possibly next days I add the two dumps that could be it. But I think that it is not the corresponding dump. But i hope, else you get the next dump when it happend again. If a dump was generated, however, it would have to be one of the two.

4859becc-15a8-4f81-87d9-d5e0f970c94b.dmp.gamelog (15.3 KB)
4859becc-15a8-4f81-87d9-d5e0f970c94b.dmp (8.0 MB)
b3766c9a-5719-41c8-83d6-d5b43a50734a.dmp.gamelog (15.2 KB)
b3766c9a-5719-41c8-83d6-d5b43a50734a.dmp (9.3 MB)

Changes on our end (or, in fact, any application) shouldn’t be able to cause this, so you’re probably hitting a Windows bug or a GPU driver bug somewhere that leads to some unusual state.

I’ll look into the other stuff sometime, but the size of these .dmp files makes me think it’s not of the Chromium subprocess crashing. :confused:

Okay strange, graphics driver is up to date, I’m just surprised that it only happens with Prime, not with Youtube or Netflix as far as I can observe. But I’ll try around.

If it is not the .dmp files, then indeed no file was created :frowning:

Maybe a silly question aside, does anyone know if there is anything you can do about it: I trigger various events from the server to the client, if the client is out of FiveM for a while and comes back now hundreds of actually old events are executed which results in the blip flying with 500 km/H over the map until it arrives at the point where it should currently be. Shouldn’t this also cause problems with onesync if I am the owner of an object and not in the application?

That’s odd as well since all code that should soft-pause the game when tabbed-out of ‘exclusive fullscreen’ has been disabled and cut out, and I’ve not been able to reproduce this, either, last time this got reported and some bit got fixed.

Might be some weird Windows behavior where background apps somehow get half-suspended on certain configurations, or a bit of missing code that’s forgotten, or some other edge case somewhere, but without this happening on any machine that’s easily inspected that’s a little difficult - an upload of the ‘Create dump file’ from Task Manager on the future-suspended GTAProcess may help, but then you’d need to know if it’s been suspended for long enough for this to happen.

I also happened to be able to check the .dmps and this is indeed the main process only - ugh. The main CitizenFX_log_* from such an instance may be helpful as it should show subprocess restarts though.

I’ve actually been watching that for almost a year. With me this happens understandably with every minimize which goes beyond a certain time, maybe it’s 30 minutes maybe an hour exactly I can not say. I am just always writing code come back and it happens. I can imagine that some setting is to blame, I’m trying to collect as much as possible, because I think that could also get onesync itself then more stable.

I attach once the CitizenFx_log, in the log file it is certainly already at least 4 or 5 times today happened that the events were executed only when coming back again. If not more often, so this is pretty stable with me even and happens regularly, so I hope I can help.

CitizenFX_log_2022-09-24T170756.log (476.5 KB)

You mean a Dump of the big process? I cant upload this here. it has 8,77 GB, and idk i mean its with the problem in it, but im not sure because i get a client connection timeout while creating…

A possible fix for the problem would be to really calculate nothing as soon as you are not focused in Fivem, but the events always when triggering a value with the current time and on the basis of how old this event is calculated, if it is too old it is deleted.

Edit: Problem is gone if the game not runs in Fullscreen exklusive, i mean its a hard pause in this mode. Not soft, i see no preview in windows taskbar just blackscreen :frowning:

Compress it to a .rar/.7z and upload it to a site like dropmefiles.com or so.

That’s to be expected, yes.

… that’d not be a fix though, as it’d also not solve any other potential side effects.

Somewhat irrelevant - that’s an expected side effect due to how this works, but the game should be running albeit without drawing anything to the screen in this state still.


The problem is definitely increasing, my colleague who runs Windows 11 produces the same problems. And that even when he is only out of the game for a short time. Yesterday, only a few minutes were enough for the blip to fly over the map a few times.