Load menyoo maps?

i wanna use menyoo to use map like this https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/stunts-park-menyoo it’s can be possible ? (i have already Enhanced Trainer)

Seeing as it is just an asi mod i imagine it would work. however, i am unsure how to install it if you know thats great but i wont be able to help any further.
Good luck

It could even be added server-side if someone would write a parser. (i could, and probably will try to :s)

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Menyoo ASI is disabled when u go online including in fivereborn. It will not work here, and they will just ban youif you ask them to add support for fivereborn.

Erm, Menyoo should work in FiveReborn… And nobody is banning for such things on the forums?

i posted this the 16july 2016 why you reply 6 month later ?..

It appeared in the Suggested Topics below the thread…