Linux server Asking for Stats

As i am just starting with fivem server dev, as a programmer i noticed that my old laptop (which runs linux server) opens up way faster than on my Windows laptop
Surely running a server on a laptop is not the best way to go, but it’s not a buget one so can handle a lot of stress easy. I have 2 SSDs both M.2 and SATA3 and running on DDR4 while the old laptop is running on SATA2 and DDR2, real downside is that it’s ethernet port is limited to 100Mbps

dual-core: 5 seconds
octa-core: 2 minutes
Which prove me that windows suck and is used only by people because is easier to set up. Someone said windows is better for debugging. Well, only because it`s already set up for you. you could run your server with a 2> <:Error file name:> and get all the logs you need.

So i will use this old laptop until i buy a real server station.
I`d like to know what is the usage of a server that is holding more than a couple of players.
Like how much traffic per user/ dozen etc?
How much ram is being used for each player/ dozen etc?

Really comes down to the quality of the tech too, I was running a Centos7-8 setup for a long time on a 2vcore 4gb ram. 32 players got me at around 2.2gb ram usage. Vcpus never above 75%, hardly ever above 35-40% aside from rare hitches.
This was a DDR4, Xeon VPS.

As long as you have the internet bandwidth, the laptop will be fine for a while to come. Just expect some extra hitches due to the speed of the ram and cpu.

Here is a screen of our server usage, while having +50 players online:

Server is running Amazon Linux 2 as the OS

Don’t spread complete falsehoods. Nobody was talking about console output when mentioning “debugging”.

That, and “opens up way faster” is literally related to the speed of the terminal window you’re using: if you’d be using Windows Terminal on Windows it’d be just as fast or faster, whereas if you’d be using some slow terminal emulator on Linux it’d be a lot slower perceptually (as the server is already started even if it still prints console output!)

Also, since this topic will lead to a lot of people sending stats of their “2500 ESX resources and 6969 cars” server, which aren’t representative at all, I’m closing it.

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