Linux(Debian) GTA:V Server Online (it does not work)

Hello I have times looked at the server files and wanted to switch a server online on Debian and used this guide.

The instructions are not quite understandable could one tell me how I start the server with which exact command I should do it best?


Have changed the ‘’ so
fx_root=dirname "$(readlink -f "$0")"

MONO_PATH=$/home/server/gtav/mono/ mono $/home/server/gtav/CitizenMP.Server.exe $*

And here the exact path to the server files

Pls help me

For running a server on Linux or any Unix, you do:

cd /home/server/gtav
mono CitizenMP.Server.exe

Make sure you do cd to it first, enter, then mono, and make sure you have moved everything from the bin folder into the gtav folder alongside with the config yml etc.

To do as an sh script, you simply put the cd and mono lines in a text editor and save as a .sh file.

Make sure you have mono-devel/complete properly installed and up to date if you haven’t.

P.S forgive if the exe is slightly diff in name though, haven’t personally touched FR in a while lol

Property it exactly as everything done and also mono installed everything exactly as in the instructions but get all the time indicated.

mono CitizenMP.Server.exe
-bash: mono: command not found

Push pls help