Lights not working properly [solved]

Not sure where to put this or how to put this so here goes.
I run a personal server for my clan, with custom vehicle models. I noticed that on some of the models I have either:
A. The lights do not work at all, only the wig-wags do for the tail/head lights.
B. Some vehicles lights will work, while others will not.
I know that sometimes you can change a setting in the carvariations file to make the lights work properly, but I do not know which settings these are, nor how to change them. I know this is a little vague but it’s the best I can say at this point.

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Not what I was looking for. I am trying to get my lights to all work. The sirens are fine.

If you are replacing a vehicle then you need to put it in a slot with a similar light setup. Slick top in FBI and police4, etc.


Siren setting controls the lighting style, it has nothing to do with the actual siren.

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I know that somewhere within one of the carvariations you can edit the lights so that the vehicle in that slot has all of it’s lighting, this includes the bar, the wig-wags, and any extra lighting. I need to know how to change the settings and what to so that I can get my lights on some of my models to activate the way they should. Currently some of my models have working bars with proper light placements, while most of the others do not.

Are they ELS models?

The only time you have to change carvars is if you’re replacing police3, or the police vehicles with the rotating beacons -> LEDS.

The link I provided is for the light setup. It explains exactly what you’re looking for.

sirenSettings value=“1” = This siren lights is used by Police Buffalo, Police Riot, Park Ranger SUV and Sheriff Granger.
sirenSettings value=“2” = This siren lights is used by Police Interceptor.
sirenSettings value=“4” = This siren lights is used by Ambulance.
sirenSettings value=“5” = This siren lights is used by NYSP Police Roadcruiser, NYSP Police Rancher and LSPD Police Transporter.
sirenSettings value=“6” = This siren lights is used by Police Bike
sirenSettings value=“7” = This siren lights is used by Fire Truck
sirenSettings value=“9” = This siren lights is used by Tow Truck and one of Boxville models.
sirenSettings value=“10” = This siren lights is used by Lifeguard SUV.
sirenSettings value=“13” = This siren lights is used by Stanier Police Cruiser and Sheriff Cruiser.

For example: sirenSettings=“9” will result in amber rotating lights. If you’re streaming a replaced vehicle (police, police2, etc.) than you cannot change the sirenSetting and stream the meta. You must place the vehicle in a slot with a similar light setup (visor lights, no lightbar, rambar lights, etc.)

I actually took a deeper look at that and realized that those where right. I have most of my vehicles having their lighting work now. This is issue is technically solved even though two of the vehicles don’t have the proper lights but I can fix that now. Thanks!

Does anyone happen to know how I can change the default lighting around so I can have my own custom like Captain14’s pack has? I just need to make my own custom lighting for afew of my units so they can be accurate to their real life counterparts.

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I update the documentation, revisit my threard on GTA Forums! I explained now there how you can do it.

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Solved. Apparently I had my sirens turned off via Simple Native Trainer.

I am having the same issue but I don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing! I’m learning lots but not enough to solve this issue on my own.

I currently have added a new dodge charger to the Police2 file and swapped out its skin for a new skin. Can’t seem to get the lights to work at all! Not sure if its the model or my skins or something completely else.

Do I need to add a carvariation file to make it work? or one of those types of files?

I could use some help
Thanks in advance


dont revive an 10 month old topic, make your own.

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