Licensing on local development env

Hello fellas,
I was wondering if it’s possible to develop a fivem server with scripts locally without buying all the scripts again. Keymaster says “All server keys (even free keys) include all functionality if your server is set to 10 slots or less.” I think thats meant for the FiveM features alone e.g. slot count, txadmin, etc. .

So are there any possibilities to develop a server with licensed scripts without buying those scripts?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

So by default you can create 3 license keys, which will allow 3 different servers to be running and using the scripts licensd to that accounts keymaster.

So all you need is a new license key created.You can request additional ones also if they are needed.

But its not possible to test those script in part of development without having bought them extra to your account right?

What do you mean by… “bought them extra to your account”?

Extra? No.

Obviously, of course, you will need to own the script and have it within your keymaster. You can’t test someones script & run it if you have never purchased it before.

But afterwards? You can have it on 4 servers as long as they are using your accounts keys, since that script is belongs to your account.

I requested an extra key in august last year and still not heard anything back. I also have patreon subscription so thought i would be able to get at least 1 extra key. i feel like im wasting my third slot on my test server :frowning: