Licence for branded cars

and made it lore-friendly, but brand cars made Fivem pop. It made people want to play and strive, but now it is slowly dying. Severs are losing members and people. It was possible for Rockstar to have attracted thousands of players and many more. Regarding this matter, several carriers do not have cars that are lore-friendly or debadged. Do the rules allow for lore-friendly or Debadged cars, and if so, will they alter all segments or only one they despise or dislike?

It is literally the opposite, FiveM has been growing more and more and breaking player count records, they didn’t make it so that servers can’t use branded cars because they felt like it, they made it so that you can’t use lore branded vehicles because of the law.

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Kind of crazy I watch movies and tv shows that don’t have licenses to use clothing or cars and all they do is rebadge or debadge or cover a label with a piece of tape . This is called product displacement and or unbranded displacement and is perfectly acceptable but for some reason this method is questionable here and it shouldn’t be . IMO once you customize or alter the look of a vehicle or clothing it’s now a representation and or made it lore friendly gtav does it all the time . Just a thought

This is a case of how Rockstar wants its game to be perceived more than it is about copyright. However, there is a difference between an item being in the background and being the main focus of a product you are attempting to sell and distribute, either through sold assets or through using those brands to attract customers to a server.

You are right that movies, TV, etc. mainly hide brands because they do not want to give up advertisement money. But just like movie studios can decide what they want to show in their movies, game studios/publishers can decide what they want to allow in their video game.

There is also the side of true copyright issues where people are creating derivative works from models/assets they never had proper license to modify. The biggest example of this is de-badging which is ironically the single biggest reason companies get caught for copyright infringement because they didn’t create their own model from scratch, but modified someone else’s work as a shortcut.

In short, this is a TOS debate before it even hits copyright law. Rockstar has full control over what UGC content they allow and disallow.

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The one thing I don’t like is the community reporting the community. People are doing everything they can to comply but for a “mod” community to turn on its own based on whatever reason and let others slide cause they are fans is horrible. No matter what is TOS or compliance a lot of the owners are trying and blame fivem cause a lot of us have been asking for years and they never had a problem. A lot of these cars and clothing are likenesses created by a modeler or clothing designer but have a fender or a frame tweaked to make it a likeness and that should be acceptable. Hell rockstar has been doing it for years . Yes they are wrong using forza vehicles cause they are a platform that is given permission to use brands but a lot of these cars come from modelers that do them from scratch . Usually artist interpretation is protected but since it’s rockstar it’s not . The things films do is completely compliant with copyright. It reads similar when talking about name brands and ipl , so debadging adding custom parts and wheels as well as a tweak to a body part with no badge should be okay . Hopefully this will be spelled out . This Im again is just my opinion on a platform I have enjoyed that doesn’t harm any brand or hurt , hell if anything I bought my first mansory and track hawk from seeing them on fivem rp so they’re welcome lol . Anyway my two cents great conversation appreciate the time to voice .