Liberty City Role Play

Liberty City Roleplay Is A New York Based Fivem Server Wich Contains A Fully Working New York Map (Gta 4 Map)
And We Have Optimised The Map To The Fullest So There Isn’t Any Lag And There Isn’t Any Crashes (Unless You Noclip At Max Speed Across Manhattan)
We are a new server as of 2020, and are looking for new members, Police Officers and staff members, We Have a wide variety of Rp Opportunities. We have Departments to Join , each with they’re own custom Vehicles,
We Also Have Many Custom Guns And NY Ped Uniforms And Cars. Our Application Process Is Simple And Wont Take A lot Of Time


Join NYPD, FDLC To Experience Amazing Roleplay Scenarios In The Streets Of New York. And If You Don’t Feel like joining one of the many departments then you can make your own Civilian Operation For Example You Can Be The Proud Owner Of Burger Shot Or Own The LC Taxi. We Offer Many Interiors In The LC Map So You Wont Get Bored. We Hope You Will Join Our Server And Become A Server Mmber