LEO Shot Spotter

This is a script that alerts all active officers on gunshots throughout the state of San Andreas.

  • ESX Integration, as long as you are clocked on as leo you will receive alerts.

  • A simple and clean alerting system with location and quick routing.

  • Includes quick routing, meaning with a press of a button a waypoint will be set to the scene.

  • A blip will be set on the map at the location of the shooter and will slowly fade away.

  • Configurable weapons and silenced weapons are filtered and will not trigger the alarm.

  • Shots from other officers or yourself as a civilian will not trigger the alarm.

Showcase Link

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Why would i pay 18$ for this over

[RELEASE] Shot Spotter OR [Release] Simple outlaw alert (11-04-2017)

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It’s 15$, and no one is forcing you,
If you don’t want to buy it don’t it’s a simple as that.

Is ESX required though?

It’s very expensive and it’s no different than free stuff. :thinking:

then don’t buy it.

It is ESX Based

Do you any plans for a standalone version?

I could, how would you want it to differentiate between officers and normal players?

Works very well, definitely a lot better than outlaw alerts and other shot spotters. This one in unique with some cool features, let me give a couple of examples. With outlaw_alerts;
-It is continuously going off and spams alerts if people use automatic weapons, instead of sending one alert to all available units like this one does.
-The one someone linked above is trial and error, one day it was working for me the next day it wasn’t.

Long story short, this one is pretty straight forward and is the most realistic shot spotter I’ve personally seen.

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Well there is already a free version: GitHub - Jordan2139/Shot-Spotter: This is the exact same thing as RedRums except you can actually edit the code its also free too. More features added like example use discord or ace perms, use chat etc.. In collaboration w/ @NAT2K15

No offense but I would recommend you make it more advanced if it’s going to be paid…


I hope you add more features.

  • Shots Fired
  • Civil Disturbance
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Vehicle Theft
  • Weaponized Vehicle
  • Car Chopping
  • Drug Deal
  • Bank Robbery
  • Shop Robbery
  • Explosion

If you add more notifications I hope you sell more.
example: Outlaw Alerts


Discord ID’s or ped-based is personally how I’d do it. I’d definitely buy it if it wasn’t ESX-required.
Not sure why you’re getting as much hate for it as you are.

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Yeah, some people are just here to hate.
I will look into making it standalone in the futures with discord perms or steam hex’s like you said.

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People are not here to hate you. :joy:
It’s a different recommendation.

Because the price is too high and your features are too low. You should be different with the free version.

hope you can understand :grin:

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I was not talking about you, your comment actually hade good criticism that I appreciate, but some others are just here to hate.