Lenco bearcat Livery Pack

DISCLAIMER: I Did not make the model just the livery and you will have to download the model separate below.

This is a Livery Pack For Shadow Modifications Lenco Bearcat on gtapolicemods And I have gotten permission to make this.

this pack includes a BCSO, SAST And LSPD Livery

Livery’s We Made

The Model

There is also a SAST livery but I forgot to take screenshots.


if anyone needs help im here!

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Sheriff one is the best LSPD looks good too

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thats kinda dank bro #420

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new to this, this is hard to put in for a first time user.

Yeah the person who made the model requested we keep it separate sorry about that… if you want help feel free to go to the link on the github (should be there)

model of the bearcat?