[LEGACY] I haven't NPC on my City

Hi, i’m doing a server in ESX Legacy but i saw that i haven’t NPC in my city.
No vehicles, no NPC - i also have moreRP script to spawn more of them but nothing.
how i can solve?

first id try removing / analyzing the scripts you use to change npcs and restart your server

yes i just did this - i haven’t script that despawn or cancel NPC. It’s from the start that there aren’t NPC.

try updating your server artifacts /artifacts/fivem/build_server_windows/master/ / FiveM Artifacts

I’m waiting to buy the Patreon, maybe is this?

no your issue has nothing to do with OneSync, do a fresh installation of FXServer and you’ll have the NPCs back. Then, start adding your resources one by one and watch carefully after every resource added if the problem is back again.

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Solution: with ESX Legacy - you need to use legacy instead of “onesync infinity”