Legacy Fuel Hud how to Move (HELP) please

Okay so i found this code but no matter what i change it doesnt move the hud

function DrawText3Ds(x, y, z, text)
local onScreen,_x,_y=World3dToScreen2d(x,y,z)
local px,py,pz=table.unpack(GetGameplayCamCoords())

SetTextScale(0.35, 0.35)
SetTextColour(255, 255, 255, 215)
DrawText(_X, _Y)

Please help

If the code, you’ve pasted, is the correct and real one, you have some problems there.
DrawText() function is taking _X and _Y as parameters, but you have _x and _y above - it should give you some errors btw.

Also the SetTextCenter() function might be a problem here - not sure how this native works, but it sounds, like centering the text, so maybe it’s stopping you from changing the position of the fuel HUD.

Most importantly, the function is called DrawText3D which might be related to texts created in the world (like by the markers of garage or other place for example) and not exactly to the HUD.

Hmm It shows on screen just fine just infront of the basicneeds bars so i just wanna move it up i cannot find anyother code to change i will try removing the center text

From the Legacy Fuel’s github here: https://github.com/InZidiuZ/LegacyFuel/blob/master/source/fuel_client.lua#L327

Here you have 4 lines of code:

There are 4 function calls for DrawAdvancedText, where you put x, y, z as first 3 parameters. Play with these

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You are the man I really gotta get better at this. Thank-you so much

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