Leakers On Tebex?

I’ve seen that FiveM has allowed the sale of resources (such as scripts) on Tebex. I’m interested in putting some of my work on the site but I’m concerned that this may expose my work to potential leakers. Does Tebex offer any form or leak protection or is there anything I can do when uploading my work to mitigate the chances of it being leaked?


You will have to provide your own protection on your own resources.

Tebex is merely a webshop. When creating a downloadable package you can specify a direct link and even pass custom parameters to the download link. You can then use that to protect your own resources.

What happens once a resource has been sold is completely out of the hands of Tebex

so can i can use a licensing server that I made on my scripts? what about code obfuscation is that allowed too? to protect my licensing method

I think that’s allowed yes. Someone higher up than me would have to chime in on that.

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alright, thank you for replying, ill wait until someone could 100% verify that.

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Any update on it yet?

A licensing system is being worked on for FiveM + Tebex. In the meantime, a seller is allowed to use their own licensing system. However, this licensing system may not be used to remotely add/execute code (e.g. load() remote resource code) as this can be used for malicious activity.

Thanks for your respond! i’ll start uploading stuff soon ig

Also good to know that if any moderator or Cfx team has a doubt about the quality of the release and/or if it is conform the #development:releases rules, we may ask for source code.


What about code obfuscation

Just know that you can deobfuscate every script easly. You will not really get “protection” from that.

Some obfuscate methods are not reversible


Soo how to make my code protected by myself if I have to show it to client? Obfuscating scripts is low protection.

Is that still valid as of April 2021?

Your best bet is to wait right now on the Tebex protection that is in the works.

Yes. They are still actively working on this.

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I meant specifically the “In the meantime, a seller is allowed to use their own licensing system.” part, since I remember Deterministic Bubble saying on the Cfx.re Discord that it wasn’t allowed.
Currently my only Tebex script doesn’t use a “licensing system”, just a license generator that makes a unique package for every customer (so that in case of a leak I know who is the cause of the leak), but my resource is source-available, and it does not connect to any servers to check anything. But I’m asking because I’m soon releasing a couple new scripts, and I may use a different approach if I’m allowed to, specifically for a resource that I plan on making it a recurring subscription.

Please review the updated Release Rules & FAQ. Specifically the section geared to Files & Downloads.