[Launching Soon] UniversalCity RolePlay | Custom Houses | Serious RolePlay | New Community | Custom made Drugs/Robberies/Gangs | Hiring LEO, EMS, Mechanics, Gangs |

Hello we are UniversalCity RolePlay we are a up coming ESX serious roleplay server we want to make a ESX all realistic but with the economy is easier then grinding it like its a 9-5 job but you still have to grind for money of course but its a tiny bit more easy and more fun since we have many ways of getting money legally and illegally and we will be adding more with bi-weekly updates here is what we offer More info below and at the very bottom

Discord Link is below we will be launching when our discord hits 80 members and at least 20 that are active
Click Here to Join Our Discord

More Fun Info

● We are a community ran server we will be doing votes on almost everything and will be taking a lot of notes from suggestions

● Looking to hire EMS, LSPD, SAST, And Mechanics

● Inventory System fully functionable

● Glovebox With a trunk system

● Looking for Gangs we can make you your own job with hideout with a menu to cuff un cuff escort and to search with a gang stash

●We have a in game MDT and in Game Radios for Civs and police as well as EMS

● Custom Jobs

● Fully working phone script with Twitter, Bank, Dark Web, Calling, Messaging

● Custom vehicles and Clothes and more will be coming every week or every two weeks

● And will be hosting community meeting every month to hear what you guys have to say


● Sell Drugs to NPCs across the map to get dirty money

●Dirty Money is illegal you can wash it at the money wash to make it normal money or you can us it to buy illegal weapons at the black market which is hidden, rp to find out where its at

● Custom Drugs Grow weed in grassy areas, cook meth like in breaking bad in a journey with a portable methlab and go find the location to call in the coke plane

● Trap robbery if you rob this place you will get a bunch of drugs and a chance at getting a illegal gun to sell on the dark web also this is the only way of getting a drug called opium its the best drug in the city worth tons of money

● Rob Banks

● Rob Stores

● Rob Jewelry Store

● Money Wash available


● Own a pasive income with a business

● Own a actull bissnuess for almost anything you want it can happen

● You can dm JaySmith one of the owners to own any type of Organizations

Whitelisted Jobs

● Join or create gangs

● San Andreas State Troopers

● Los Santos Police Department

● Mechanics

● Emergency Medical services

● Own a dealership

● Soon we will have more jobs when we get more players

Police Info

● Both Police Departments are different with sub divisions and promotions

● We have a Varity of cars available and same with clothing options

Normal Jobs

● Fishermen

● Fueler

● Miner

● Lumberjack

● Tailor

● Slaughterer

● Taxi

Engine Swaps
Oil Changes
Change out tires, suspension, transmission, turbo and more
Check engine Light
oil change Light


● Truck Robberies
● ATM Robberies
● More Cars
● More Custom Clothes
● More Stuff For Police EMS Mechanics and Criminals
● More Legal Stuff And More Jobs
● Engine Swaps
● Skateboards
● Own a gas station and change gas prices and sell items
● And More

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I can’t wait for the server to be launched


I love how the server is a community ran server can’t wait to play on it

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Is your LSPD Chief and Assistant Chief positions open? If they are, we would be interested. You can find more about us here: 2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!

New update Check in the discord then go to change logs to see the new update