Landing planes on the water

So, I wonder if it is possible to edit the handling meta file on a plane to make it able to land on the surface of the water. Just as the Dodo but with other planes.

Yes it’s possible

Do you know how?

Don’t know if its possible but the two files that Id vheck are handling.meta and vehicles.metq.

For every seaplane, handling.meta has another xml codeblock to describe attributes for how a plane handles in water including its buoyancy and a few other features.
Look for the dodo plane, seasparrow helicopter, the tula plane or a few others…under their cflyinghandlingdata block you’ll see something similar for water handling…copy that block under a plane of choice for your handling.meta and see if it floats!

You can also check vehicles.meta for the other planes to see if you get something similar…

Add the following code block under <SubHandlingData> in your handling.meta file:

<Item type="CSeaPlaneHandlingData">
  <fLeftPontoonComponentId value="2"/>
  <fRightPontoonComponentId value="2"/>
  <fPontoonBuoyConst value="8.5"/>
  <fPontoonSampleSizeFront value="3.0"/>
  <fPontoonSampleSizeMiddle value="2.5"/>
  <fPontoonSampleSizeRear value="0.6"/>
  <fPontoonLengthFractionForSamples value="0.8"/>
  <fPontoonDragCoefficient value="100.0"/>
  <fPontoonVerticalDampingCoefficientUp value="100.0"/>
  <fPontoonVerticalDampingCoefficientDown value="800.0"/>
  <fKeelSphereSize value="0.3"/>
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That’s the one!

Sorry I couldn’t get it, I was waaay away from my machine!

Also, Not sure if this will work directly, or if certain model requirements are needed (or even a vehicles.meta entry), but definitely give it a try @M1zer1337 and let us know what you find! :slight_smile:

Nothing else is needed.