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Lakeside Roleplay is a community started by friends, whose passion for roleplay has brought them together to make the best experience possible. Lakeside Roleplay strives for realistic roleplay and aims to provide a friendly, fun, and safe place for our members. We aim to give our members the best roleplay experience possible and also try to give our members the freedom to do what they would like within the server. Lakeside Roleplay offers departments such as Law Enforcement (Including Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, and San Andreas State Patrol), Civilian Operations, Communications, and Fire and Rescue. We have a recruitment process that is easy to get through and once you are in, the training is a piece of cake! Our FTOs are very knowledgeable in what they train and will teach you anything you need to know.


  • Must have a clear working microphone
  • Must be able to speak fluent English

If you plan to put in an application please join our discord




If you join our Law Enforcement Departments then you will be a part of both departments. This means you won’t only be joining the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. You will also be a part of the Los Santos Sheriff’s Department. This will only be temporary until we feel the need to split the two departments.

(more images will be available shortly to show off more of what we have to offer)


  • Lakeside Roleplay is a Whitelisted Community! Therefore you will need to apply to join our community.

  • We do not have an age limit to join. Some of the best members we have had have been younger. This doesn’t mean we recruit all younger members. We will not accept anyone that is immature nor disrespectful to anyone

  • Our Server is all Menu Based. We do not allow for Client-Side Menus.

  • We are always looking for people to join and fill the ranks of each of our departments.
    This doesn’t mean we are giving out high-ranking positions to brand-new members

  • Our Executive Team is very involved and friendly and can not wait to hear from you.

  • A part of another community? No problem! We have a very unique policy on dual clanning feel free to join the discord to find out more.


If you want to speak with someone within our Staff Team or even an Owner, then join our Discord and send a message. Someone will be sure to get to you as quickly as possible!

Best Regards,
Lakeside Roleplay Executive Team

Awesome server, with an easy interview process. 100% recommend joining!


Great Server Friendly Community always looking to improve, Willing to help out if new, and Easy Application, and Interview process. If your looking for a new home we are glad to bring you in. Great Development team to, and always improving quality of life!


I joined this rp less then a month ago and have fun in every rp so far. I recommend this community if you want to be part of a growing rp server where even the owners are on daily


If you are looking for a legit server that is private this is the place to be


If you are looking for a great community to join, where everyone is welcome come check it out, a lot of spots open, very easy process and easy acceptance!


Still looking for Civilians loving the RP Scenarios and looking to grow even more!


Is this still open i havent seen videos on this in months

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We are still open feel free to apply or join the discord!

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the discord invite is invalid.

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We are once again recruiting! We closed up our doors a little while ago but we are ready to open them back up to and get everything back up and running! We allow dual clanning if that is your issue with joining. We understand that at the end of the day, this is a game and also know that people want to have quality roleplay experience.

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Post Bump! We are still actively looking for new members!

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