Lag in server

Hello everybody
I bought a laptop in December, it’s an ASUS with 8go of ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 Ti, intel core i5-8300h, quad core / 8 threads
So I started to play fivem in 1 April and I had no lag. It was perfect but now I always have some lag when I am in a car… I don’t understand why
Someone can help please :pray: ?

go to task manager and go to details then click right click on all things that name fivem and go to set priority and then do it high then close task manager and go inside game
but : you need be inside game and inside server and you need to do that when you close fivem and come back and go inside server you need to do that again but dont worry you will try graphics and play without lag
and have fun :smiley: