L.A. Roads on Five Reborn

Is it possible to use L.A. Roads and other similar texture mods client side since the fall of OpenIV.asi? Like dumping them into Five Reborn and if so where would the files need to go? Or is this a pipe dream?

Could you link to the mod.

Did anybody get an Answer?

does it work? was thinking about trying it

It will work… but… u have to…take…hourssss…to install it in FiveM. The way you do it is you download L.A Roads, rename it to .zip, open it with winrar or 7zip…then go into every single folder and put the openIV files in a folder called “stream” in a folder called LARoads in your resources folder in FiveM, then after you do that create a __resource.lua (two underscores) and then add LARoads to your server.cfg, and then your done. LARoads is now successfully installed after HOURS of working.

Do you know how to make it client sided instead of server sided?

How to install L.A. Roads for FiveM

Easy method. Drag and drop. No oiv files or any of that crap.