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Im having a problem logging in says its having a problem with my steam authorizing even though its running. worked fine yesterday and earlier but not now

can you help me

how can i fix curl error code 23? having this issue for a while now.

Connection rejected by shmurda_gang’s server: KEY ALREADY IN USE, PLEASE RECONNECT IF THIS IS A PERSISTENT ISSUE

I only get this error trying to connect to this server all of a sudden. I’ve been playing for a few days now with no errors. Any ideas?

hey yo it wont let me join the discord

did u fix this??? cause this just started happening to me for no reason.

id love to speak with an admin that isnt a child. maybe bobby, discord- BrayDavis#4084

It wont let me join the discord

they are a joke

Hey im getting a connection failed could you help me

hi, i could connect to the server before but now, it says that my steam identification has failed and i cant log in. i could need some help here

Hi i wanted to ask that can i get unbanned from a server if i got permantely banned because what i did was vdm/NITRP? It was my first time playing and i didnt know what to do? but honestly is there a way i can get back into the server?

i have a question?

great server