KL_WeaponDamage (No More headShot)

KL_WeaponDamage allows you to set damage of any weapon to your desire.


  • Standalone (ESX, Qbus, VRP…etc)
  • You Can Set Weapon Damages
  • You Can Set body shot and HeadShot Same (Options turn off and on HeadShot)
  • You Can Set all other weapons to Zero If you don’t use it
  • You Can Set Male Damage and Fist Damage
  • optimized 0.02ms

Note You have options to set all weapons that you don’t use to zero so if a hacker comes in and tries to give themself for example Sniper it will do 0 damage.

Scrip is optimized and tested with 193 players at the same time on the server with 0.02ms

Code accessible No
Subscription based No
Support Yes

You can get it here :smiley:

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what’s the difference from that? benzon/WeaponDamageSettings: Customize multipliers for weapon damage in FiveM (github.com)

Isnt 10€ quite a lot for just weapon damage modifier?
I mean… It does not seem to offer anything more than the resource TGIANN posted.

I have made something simular, yet it has way more features and its still cheaper than this :thinking:

everything TBH

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You say 10€ is too much that’s okay I could answer you about that, but Martin you can make what you like and do what you want nobody stopped you, all of your scrips I can make and put for cheaper but I don’t come and leave a negative review. if you want to make something go ahead nobody stopping you bro, good luck,

Sorry for it to sound that bad, just wanted to disagree on the price, thats all :+1:

and as I said I don’t have a problem with that, if I am doing something yes I like the feedback, and thanks I will think about changing the prices, thanks

can I still hunt animals if I set damage to 0?

no but if you set it to 0.01 it takes like 30 bullets to kill player but the animal would be normal damage

this script can remove critical knife/switchblade 1 hit (special move) ?

right now no, But on next update i will remove Melee Executions.