After many requests ive released my 3rd and last SCP (EUP) pack for a while. This pack includes Security, D-Class, Labratory, and Mobile Task Force. While this is my last SCP (EUP) Pack it wont be last SCP release.

The SCP V3 Uniform Pack for FiveM adds a collection of authentic and detailed uniforms inspired by the secretive SCP Foundation. Step into the role of a Foundation agent, choose from specialized outfits, and immerse yourself in the mysterious world of supernatural anomalies and containment. Enhance your gameplay experience with these realistic uniforms, bringing a new level of realism to your FiveM experience!

-12 Accessories
-7 Vests
-6 Pants
-13 Shirts/Jackets
-4 Hats/Helmets



Made by K.Gilbert


Purchase Here!

Requirements FiveM Patreon
Support Yes
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