[Keymaster] API to upload/update assets


I red a previous topic (here) that CFX team plan to release a tool to update keymaster asset.
The discussion was in 2022 and nothing was released since, it’s why I open again the discussion here.

Does it still in R* to-do list to create this kind of tool ?

If not, is it possible to open the keymaster API to let us update asset with script (as Github action) ?
It’s never funny to have to do all these steps to push an update when all of them can be automatic with a very simple script :

  • Go in keymaster panel
  • Wait the cloudflare
  • Sign in
  • Go in “Created Assets”
  • Find the package
  • Re-upload the zip file
  • Done !


I forgot so many times to upload script in keymaster after publish a new release.

No news about that CFX Team ?

There were a lot of ideas floated by members of CFX/NTA throughout the years, but I am not sure if any of them are worth putting any hope in them being worked on unless it’s announced in the community pulse.

Open the keymaster API would be a lot of game saver for developer (like a many other suggestions from the community).