Keep getting a infinite black load screen after death

I am using the ES_Roleplay which worked fine before the server update. It still seems to attempt to work up to a point. Now when people are dying we are getting a black screen that infinite loads. Idk where this came from but even if i load up the old server files this is happening. Something client sided must have changed?

You can still set spawn points, and half of the people respawn fine and takes like 10+ times before they get black screen bug as well. This couldnt be server side could it?? Anyone else having this issue?

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Our Server is getting it to and another thing we are getting is Crazy D-sync in the City, If we stay North of the City its O K . It all started after the Server update, and our Server name shows up when it wants to at times.

I’ve got that. Still not clear what to do.

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Glad to know we aren’t alone… it’s obviously a load screen that isn’t supposed to be called lol

You still get the bug even if you manually tell autoforcerespawn to true. It says forcin respawn like normal just you never spawn. Game just locks up. But what’s weird is if you restart spawnmananger and es_roleplay you will spawn once again and black screen goes away, its just when you die, first spawn always works

I found the problem this morning,remove the Lamda Menu and the problem goes away, Found that out with a Virgin Server and a Virgin client. Even tried the enhanced reborne 5 Trainer and had the same result.

I have figured it out guys. Use the spawnmanager from last server release. At least fixed spawning

that mean that we can’t use personnal spawn points? it’s a bit annoying :confused:

What I said I have it working just use the older spawnmanager plugin

You still seeing this as an issue? We’re getting the same error, wondering if its just our usage of lambda trainer for now or if older spawnmanager plugin will do.

We are using fs_Freeroam with Essentialbase 3.x.x

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