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Who are We?

Welcome to Kaos Roleplay, on the behalf of the community I am pleased to say that we are looking for new people to become members of our community, We are a new community which spreads across multiple games and we wish to exceed the limits of a roleplay experience. We have a wide selection of departments, jobs and lifestyles.

We are currently hiring full-time members of the following Departments:
• Los Santos Police Department. (OPEN)
• Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. (OPEN)
• San Andreas Highway Patrol. (OPEN)
• Los Santos Emergency Medical Services (EMS) (OPEN)
• Benny’s Auto Shop. (OPEN)
• Ballas gang, Vagos gang, Grove Street Families gang. (OPEN)

Much more departments to come.

That said we have many opportunities that new members can explore, Our main goal is to always increase the community and roll out updates every so often to give yourself the gamer the best optimal experience.

All Jobs

Public Jobs:

• Truck Driver
• Taxi Driver
• Lumberjack
• Garbage Man
• GoPostal
• Slaughterer
• Fisherman
• Miner
• Lumberjack
• Fueler
• Reporter
• Tailor

Whitelisted Jobs:

• Police
• Ballas Gang
• Vagos Gang
• Grove street Families Gang
• Mechanic
• Lost Mc biker gang
• Lawyers

We have a huge list of jobs to choose from. Public Jobs to Whitelisted Jobs. Plus more to be added within the future.

What we offer:

• A friendly environment to be in.
• A fully functional server to play on.
• Realistic Economy (Realistic prices for everything)
• Serious Roleplay (NO TROLLING this will result in a temp ban if caught)
• Custom LEO/FD/DOT/Civilian vehicles and assets. (Custom handling tuned to be realistic)
• Exotic imports, which change monthly with new additions.
• Custom Discord rich presence.
• Custom Gangs (Have your own gang name and own location for your gang)
• Active motel system with new developments coming!
• Active staff, dev and owner team.
• Frequent updates for new content very couple of weeks.


If you can develop, write scripts or are keen in joining our team, we are seeking developers to help with our server always to bring in better experiences across FiveM.


We are seeking active people to become admins also to help run our discord community and in game admin presence.

How To Join Us:

Click the link below to join our Discord and start today!
Lots of love from the KaosTeam <3

Join Today -
Join our Discord Community - https://discord.gg/bkpBJdf
Check out our Website - https://www.kaosrp.co.uk/


So much new stuff being added guys, love to have you all try us out

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