Joshua Towyard MLO [2 Buildings]

Interior and Exterior
This is a map that I have created. This map adds a two building MLO to Joshua Road area located in Senora, near Sandy + Harmony. This is a Towyard that flexes it’s two buildings. One for mechanic work, one for office work + customer waiting/ pay room.

The Interior/Exterior offers:

  • 2 custom built MLO’s
  • Editable texture for the building logo
  • Parking space for Staff and Civilians
  • Plenty of Roleplay opportunities
  • Lots of space for Mechanic, repair work, and civilians to hang out and interact with the employees and each other

Click Here to buy the map/ view my other work.
All important logo textures are unlocked and can be edited!

Youtube Video Overview
Full Imgur Showcase

Code is accessible N/A (Main Textures can be edited)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements None, installation instructions are provided
Support Yes
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Interesting choice of location but good work congratulations brother.

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