Joining a server from a website link

Hi, I’d like to suggest some functionality. Basically a link that you can put on your website or whatever that when people click it, it launches FiveM and joins that server. For example, fivem://(server IP here).

Other GTA mods like MTA:SA have this functionality and I thought it’d be a nice touch.

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If this has been added I can’t find anything about it, it’d be a great feature for communities with connect buttons on their websites.

Newer member here however I would also love to see this added. So… Bump!

I believe it’s in the works. When you visit and click on a server you are greeted with the following message:

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You can use the link fivem://connect/(ip):(port)

So on at website it would be like this:
<a href="fivem://connect/">Connect</a>

or as FiveM uses on their server list:
<iframe src="fivem://connect/" style="display: none;"></iframe>.

I know this is an old post, but if anyone is still wondering how this works you can use this. :slight_smile:


Hey, thanks for the help but It won’t work with me.

I created a button on my website to launch and connect to my fivem server as you said like :
but nop, not working for me, I get this page :

Can you help? Thanks ! :wink:

Can you send the source code you have written? Just so i can tell if anything is wrong.
If i use the link fivem://connect/ in Google Chrome, there is a popup with “Open FiveM”.

I’m using Webflow, if you know what is ^^


Here is the link on the button.

Now this would be sick.

It should be working from the code, i havent used Webflow before as i am coding all from scratch. What browser are you using? And if you just type in the link, do you get a popup. When i tested this i was using Google Chrome, don’t know if it works on other browsers.

I’m using Chrome, i’ll test that in a link.

I successfully opened, I use this <iframe src="fivem://connect/" style="display: none;"></iframe>


I have a question.

how do I make sure I see the button I need to press to join the server? Because the code looks like this:

Nothing to press, it has display:none;