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GTCRP is a small, mature group of friends looking to add some more loyal members to our server. Base around The State of Michigan. In the USA. Our staff team has over 2 years of experience in running communities and development. We have put a lot of hard work into this new server, and we want to share the enjoyment. We mostly make most of our vehicles, Eup, other stuff, In the house. You cannot get it anywhere else. Feel free to check out the rest of this post, hop in our discord, and apply if you are interested! And Ready for you to join us!

• Michigan State Police (MSP)
• Grand Traverse Sheriff Department (GTSD)
• Michigan Department of Natural Resource (DNR)
• Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department (GTMFD)
• Grand Traverse Dispatch Center (GTDC/DISPATCH)
• Michigan Department of Transport (MDOT)
• Federal Agencies
• Civilian Operations / Civil Administration

What Do We Have To Offer?
• A great RP experience!
• Cad and MBT
• Teamspeak, Discord, Website Setup.
• High Ranks in Departments
• Custom MSP Vehicles
• Over 100 Custom/Add-On Vehicles
• vMenu Based Server
• Custom Michigan EUP
• Custom Department EUP
• Custom Scripts and Map Mods
• LEO and Fire applications!
• Active Staff and Developers
• Helpful and amazing staff that will guide you through everything you need to enjoy our server to its maximum capability!

Come and join us!

Our website is
The Fivem Server Is:

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Looking for a EUP/Vehicle Skinner. Join our discord for the application!

The community is run by a group of racists that has racist billboards posted in-game. They ale dox people they don’t like.