here is a script to spice up the Christmas cheer.

What is JChristmas ?

This script will be used to spawn Christmas trees in random places that you will configure, containing items, money and weapon enough to make nice surprises to your players during this Christmas period.


  • Choice of configurable props

  • Choice of configurable spawn time

  • Choice of configurable gift items (Weapon, Item, Money)

  • Choice of money or compensation to be given

  • Choice of given quantities configurable

  • Choice of configurable spawn you can also add

  • If a player collects a weapon in a gift and already has it on them, they will instead receive cash compensation which you can configure in the config file.

Everything is configurable in the config file.

Even after Christmas the script can still be used as an event or other because the props is configurable.

To prevent the trees from remaining on the map indefinitely if they have not been picked up by a player, they are automatically deleted 1 second before the arrival of the new tree.
If you have ideas for improvement, don’t hesitate.

For buy: β†’ Tebex JChristmas


  • Added a blip on the map when spawned from a gift
    (The blip is totally modifiable in the config, name, color, icon)

  • Added functionality if you want to use the blip or not

  • Added functionality to use notifications or not

  • Added translation file FR and EN

  • Santa Claus text is now editable in the config file

  • The text when you take a gift is now modifiable in the config file

  • Added script protection provided by fivem
    Minimum recommended artifact 4752

[MINOR FIX 1.1.1]
The FR/EN translation for picking up the gift is now available.


For buy: β†’ Tebex JChristmas

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Nice Release :heart:


  • Add vehicles as rewards
  • Show the location of the Christmas tree on the map

Is this script obfuscate or ip-lock?

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I just added this and other features to the 1.1 update except for vehicles because not everyone uses the same system for these vehicles.

Thanks for your comment <3


Good evening, yes why?