Issue - Rainbow Hair texture and females as males when server has more than 80 playes

I have been trying to troubleshoot an issue with my server. When user count is grater than 80 player hair texture for user displays as a rainbow changing colors and females players are spawning with malefaces.

Nothing? No one?

Use Infinity mode instead.

I thought i was using it already but apparently i was wrong. Will try it. Thanks.

Many things stopped working when trying to use infinity. Don’t think the the option for me yet.

Then fix those ‘many things’. You’re writing your own resources, or using community-maintained resources that are still being updated, right?

Using both. Ok will work on that, thanks.

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So I spent the time to fix all the scripts and make them work with infinity mode. Everything is working well and the performance is a lot better and head blend is gone. The only issue we have been experiencing is that spawned vehicles disappear right after spawning for some users. Is this a known issue? Any advice?

Were you able to find a solution or make a friend tutorial?

Infinity mode

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Hmmm… My server have the same problem, just around 80 players, skins begin to F up.
We use OneSync Infinity, and it still happends.
The only config for OneSync we have is “set onesync on”.

What do you have?