Is this allowed on five m server?

This is my chat with a sever admin after a run in with police on there server i ran up tried to take his truck normal GTA game play when the officer hears me and my 7 year old on mic talking when the officer keys up and starts talking about small penis and so forth hearing my kid right here also talking when i asked the admins and owners to have a word with them about this conduct in front of a kid this is what i get back.

  1. BOON_Cooperstone Today at 1:49 PM

hey is it normal to have the police on here talking about small penis’s on mic and so forth i had a 7yo standing here at the time then i tried to explain that and the officer was rude and so forth acteed like he didn’t understand thats not ok to talk about in front of a 7 year old kid

  1. [1:52 PM]

yeah i also know he heard my kid standing here cause my kid was yelling excited to see what was going on and he was saying things like that i understand the RP aspect not that thats conduct allowed with real police either

b4squirrel Today at 1:54 PM

i appreciate what you’re saying, and I always make sure to keep things clean. However, the server is intended for 18+ and therefore not restricted for foul language apart from derogatory words such as slurs or harassing speech

BOON_Cooperstone Today at 1:54 PM

not about foul language when you hear a kid yelling in the mic

  1. [1:55 PM]

is it?

b4squirrel Today at 1:55 PM

i don’t really understand what you mean

BOON_Cooperstone Today at 1:56 PM

i know he could hear a young kid standing here talking meaning the guy should not be saying anything sexual

  1. [1:56 PM]

should he?

b4squirrel Today at 1:57 PM

well as i said the server is 18+. I have 3 kids myself and make sure I’m wearing headphones when i’m in the city

BOON_Cooperstone Today at 1:58 PM

so its ok for these guys to make sexual comments when theey hear kids talking is what your telling me

b4squirrel Today at 1:58 PM

i’m not saying that, but at the same time it’s not something that can be easily enforced as you would have to admit. if someone is harassing you, please make a clip and we will review it in a ticket

BOON_Cooperstone Today at 1:59 PM

im just going to go to 5m

  1. [1:59 PM]

thank you