Is there somewhere we learn fivem lua with explain?

Is there somewhere we learn fivem lua with explain?
I mean, like this:
This is AddEventHandler and this is what this do …

You guys learned from where?

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Google+YouTube+What TheIndra said

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Thank you bro, is that full? I searched document before but i was confused

Thank you bro
Im at learn with Jeva channel in youtube but he dont explain and just write a source

And on Jeva’s test server he have a resources.cfg and server.cfg and he maked a perms.cfg but i have only one server.cfg, i maked perms.cfg and didnt work for me

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For that you need to execute them, example in the server.cfg:

exec resources.cfg

Or if it’s in a separate directory, god knows why, example:

exec /resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg

As for Jeva, he moves very fast and has no knowledge of the Lua/JS syntax and he is following the docs and not an expert himself as he claims to be. He is not a good source to learn from. Search the forums for resources and scripts written in the language you are attempting to learn, after learning the syntax and basics of the language. Very few video guides are very good, and Jeva is especially inexperienced, although I cannot say I am good myself, I know that he is not as glamorous as he claims to be. I’m not here to bash him, but to offer an alternative and explain why I dislike his content style.

Thank you for your answer

I know syntax and … but i have some questions yet
Like how can we make checkpoints or can we check if an event was triggred and …
Thank you and you are right, jeva dont explain and just write fast …