Is there a way to turn on friendly fire?

I have been playing with my friends on my server but we can’t shoot each other, was wondering if there is someway you can turn on friendly fire?

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@harrypooter You are able to code this, if you require help with that ask Talent on discord.

Anyone have a TUT on this yet?

@Horhey said in Is there a way to turn on friendly fire?:

Anyone have a TUT on this yet?

CLIENT (only if ScriptHookV is allowed by the server)



local playerPed = GetPlayerPed(-1)
SetCanAttackFriendly(playerPed, true, true)
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Ya so where do you write this?

You can make a resource with that code. It’s a client script.

Can I use C# to make a .dll with this type of code?

How would it look in C#?


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How to set a player friend and other not?

EDIT: without a trainer

Essentialmode has an option for this now.

I just saw it, but it use the code we can found here, with:

But, how can I set only 1 player has hostil and all other as friend? like we can do this in Enhanced Reborn? (if its possible server side)

Ok, so I saw you can disable friendly fire only if ScripthookV is enabled but I’m using vMenu and so I disabled Scripthook so users cant use their own menus how can I disable friendly fire then??? Need this fixed asap Please help…


use the search function on the forums perhaps? and watch the dates on posts.