Is there a way to turn off permission in hypnonema?

I got a new resource for fun on my FiveM server that’s called “Hypnonema”, but i didn’t connected my Steam account to my FiveM account because of GTA V on Epic. (pardon my Dutch) So what the problem is, is that you need to give permission to type the command for the resource. But i’ve got a Epic account. I hope someone can help.

Here is the link to the Hypnonema resource.–usage

Link to the Github page:

ACE permissions works with every identifier so you can just change to identifier.license or any other identifier you have.

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Thanks! I’m not very into the language of servers or licences, so do you know how i can take a “identifier.license” from Epic Games to my server.cfg?

Is it a Epic Games ID? Because i know how to get that.

Just type status in the server console and it will show your first active identifier

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I tested the resource but this is what i got;

I did this with my identifier; (i even made a custom license you see in line two)

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identifier.license not license.identifier.

Alternatively you could install steam and just have it open so it uses your steam id.

Just make sure steam is open before FiveM.

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