Is anyone willing to help me setting up mysql? By facetime/discord/oovoo/any facetime app

Don’t type in chat if you aren’t going to help me.

Do you have a dedicated server/VPS or on your lan PC.


yes, have I a dedicated server on my lan pc.

Have you tried using XAMPP?

no I haven’t used that

try that and see if you can understand it

Look up some videos on youtube “how to setup a mysql server with XAMPP”

if I don’t get it could you show me on discord or and facetime app and walk me through it

It should be very simple. If not I will join a discord channel.

yeah i couldnt get it i hit amin and it says 404 error found

ok man just message me a discord.

whats your discord name and 4 digit tag

here you go. X. Cross