Invalid ref call attempt

(Sorry about my english) Hello, since January artifacts update, i dont remember what is the right day, but is between 1 and 16 January, , because i was thinking that was the core and not artifacts, that i have this error. I cant solve it, and no one at our framework know what is it. But i really think its update from cfx. Can u help me with that?

  • This error como from nohere.
  • I tryed everyscript, and nothing to do about the scripts.
  • Sometimes happens 2 in 12h, and for like 3/4 days no error.
  • Crash my server.
  • Tryed roleback the artfacts, and still doesnt work.
    Its always the same error.

Gonna send u prints.

like that, but on a loop repeat, till restart of the server.
Always the same error, no change.

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