Introduce yourself

here you can introduce yourself and how you found the place and all. i’m kyle and I come from SAMP which I would think most players come from. i come from a server called MTG. i do not have the game yet but hopefully soon I will, i wish all of you a merry christmas too, or any holiday of that matter. i’m probably breaking some rule posting it but i just wanted to get to know the community

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I’m Gage, and I’ve never played GTA V before. I downloaded a pirated version to try it out before buying, and I’ll be testing out online play through here!

I’ve heard that this is a great server, so I will probably stick with it even after I actually purchase the game if I feel it deserves my support. So far I’m really loving the single player, and I’m hoping to get into the multiplayer as well. As far as I hear it’s a gamechanger!

Looking forward to meeting some new friends,


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