Interstate Roleplay - Looking for Ownership / Contributors

Welcome to Interstate Roleplay

Founded by @KrakenDesigns, Interstate roleplay is a new upcoming community that’s looking for other contributors to get on board early to help maintain and build interstate roleplay. Interstate Roleplay will be a vMenu Serious Roleplay Server. With the aim of going whitelisted, we hope to start off public then as our member base increases to make the server whitelisted. - This is subject to change. This project will be a community-run project meaning all changes and the communities voice will be first.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a range of people to get on board to help with interstate roleplay. We are looking for any other potential people interested in owning such a well-organized upcoming project, or contributing their skills into the community. Please note, ownership candidates must help out the server financially (Server Running Costs & Assets) & have a vast amount of experience in FiveM. With already over $250+ Invested in the LEO fleet, we are looking to expand into EMS / Fire of things in the near future. Spots to become a part of the ownership team will be limited to 1 or 2 People, however, if you believe you don’t match these criteria but would love to help contribute through other ways please get in touch.

Get In Touch

More information will be available upon adding me on discord. If you have any questions or are interested in helping out a brand new server build from the beginning contact me below.


Post bump!

I would like to thank the people who have already been in touch regarding this thread. However, I must stress that we are looking for more candidates for these positions available - so if you can help out with the ownership of interstate roleplay or are just wanting to contribute to the new upcoming community please contact me through my discord as seen on the thread, and as seen bellow. Have a great rest of your Wednesdays!


Callum was by far one of the nicest and most professional people I have ever worked / role played with. In my opinion this is a great opportunity for anyone to pick this up upon and I wish you luck with your new upcoming project :+1:t2:


I can now confirm that we have started recruiting a well structure team. We are now looking to start to recruit department command positions & other people who are willing to help contribute towards interstate roleplay. Please contact me on discord, if interested.


Hello all,

Hopefully, you’re having a great Saturday. Recruitment & development is happening at a fast pace in Interstate roleplay. We are continuing our efforts for recruitment in LEO High Command, however, we are looking for department heads for fire, communications & civilian. A range of questions will be asked upon DM, regarding previous experience (which is a must). As we are anticipating a large influx of applications at launch we are only looking for the most competent and professional people. If you are interested in contributing still at the early stages. My discord is below as per usual.

Best wishes,


Hey all,

Development is going great here @ interstate roleplay. Our development team has been working hard on the server implementing custom scripts & an optimized fleet to help reduce the impacts of texture loss & to enhance the overall roleplay experience.

However, we are still looking for contributors who can offer their skills in running departments in the community. We expect a fairly large influx of applications within the community from the getgo; however, we are looking for experienced and skilled people who we believe are fit for this role, so bear this in mind before applying. (Experience & Skill will be assessed through various amount of questions asked by the team upon enquiring about positions)

LEO Recruitment is going well, and we are still looking for people to help out without law enforcement ages. However, we are needing people in civilian, fire, and communications positions. We are focussing on this recruitment for the rest of this week however - if you are still interested in a law enforcement position please contact me.

The Civilian, Fire, and Communications departments are all looking for retrospective command positions that need to be fulfilled. If you believe you have sufficient experience in document creation, department commanding, or just general experience, please get in touch.

Thats pretty much it! I hope this update has urged you to get involved with interstate roleplay.

Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

All the best,


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Still looking for Civ, Communications & Fire High command. LEO still recruiting command positions.


I’m interested in a LEO Command position, 8 Years of Roleplay experience, and 4 years of experience within command positions as LEO, involved in often making Policy’s, handbooks, training guides and so on.

Hey @JackP,

Please don’t hesitate by contacting me through my discord. Thanks!


Unfortunately Callum has decided to leave Interstate Roleplay to pursue other avenues. Callum was the creator of this thread and owns the InterstateRP account. However, myself and the Lead Developer will be continuing Interstate Roleplay and still actively developing on the server.

We are still looking for contributors and members to help run departments. We recently had an opening for high command in Sheriff’s Office and we are still in need of department leads/command for SAFD.

If you are interested in joining us on our amazing journey, these please join the discord located here: UMJI・Interstate Roleplay

Once you join, send myself (Vallorz#2626) a message with what you’d like to help with! (Please join and DM me, I get a lot of friend requests so I may not see your request if you just add me)

Note: This community is being made for a YouTuber with over 220k Subscribers and we expect a large amount of players from day 1. We will need highly skilled and experienced members to help get things going! We look forward to talking with you!